The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Adam Luker says,

    As a Hamiltonian voter, there is nothing that is more important to me, or my interests, than Hamilton getting a Light Rail Transit system. This is an unbelievably important issue for this city.

  • William G. Vance says,

    As empty-nesters we're down to one car and bicycles. From a risk maagement point of view biking to downtown from Dundas is simply too risky. In comparison with an HSR bus, LRT would be a no-brainer to downtown destinations.

  • Christine de Takacsy says,

    Once again, Hamilton has the opportunity to be forward thinking. Once again the Mayor

  • Bonnie Patterson says,

    The time is way past due for Hamilton to have an LRT system. Hamilton is my hometown and I remember when they talked about it back in the 1970's. As a user of the Skytrain and Canada Line in Vancouver, I can say that it's the quickest way to get around. For Hamiltonians to get up the mountain, out to Stoney Creek or into Burlington would save people so much travelling time and out of their vehicles. It would be amazing!
    Don't give up on insisting that the provincial government keep their promise.

  • Jeff Taylor says,

    Lets Really Try (LRT) and get this thing off the ground, it's so badly needed to get people moving around the city quickly, heck I'd even park my car & use it rather than drive.

    Jeff Taylor


    I am appalled at the undemocratic way that LRT planning has been de-prioritized by our mayor and city manager. I call upon council to stand up for themselves and their constituents by reaffirming their support for the LRT initiative.

    This is the best thing that could happen to our city. It will revitalize the downtown core and bring businesses back to life.

    I can't believe, we will be having another circus, like the stadium, with poor decisions being made.... and total loss
    of a vision that would have benefited Hamilton.

  • Bill Kemp says,

    Although I don't live in Hamilton I am very often in Hamilton.
    In my opinion I have for several years felt the more roads and/or highways were not the answer. It is a never ending expansion of roads/highways taking up more valuable land and creating a very undesirable atmosphere.
    Lets take a look at Europe for example and I do realize that this LRT is different than high speed trains, however in Europe they move people with both LRT and High Speed trains much quicker and with less road congestion not to mention less effect on the environment.
    I also believe that if cities like Hamilton do not modernize their transit system with LRT and "now not later" they are going to miss out on industrial and commercial expansion, as companies tend to go to cities that are willing to go forward with modernization.
    If this does not happen Hamilton will slowly but surely fade away as far as keeping up with the rest of the larger cities.
    The Vancouver system from Vancouver International Airport and the City of Richmond are a good example of this.
    Hamilton must go ahead with LRT or you will slip away from prosperity.

  • Kevin Van Hartingsveldt says,

    I support a LRT system in Hamilton because:
    - LRT is much more efficient & sophisticated than buses.
    - The expansion of the GO rail into Hamilton is more a question of 'when' than 'if' ... the (provincial) money will come for this regardless of the LRT decision.
    - Municipal & provincial government have already promised LRT to Hamilton ... so this is money that is already available.
    - LRT could be a catalyst in changing Hamilton from a city of untapped potential into a vibrant & current metropolis.
    - While funding Hamilton's LRT won't fix the overspending & misdirection of funds in our province, it is at least a sensible place for earmarked monies to go.
    - The proposed B-line will start the upgrade of public transit in Hamilton, and will make us less dependent on automobiles in our communities ... hopefully with eventual expansions in lower, & possibly even upper, Hamilton.

  • Max Bonnell says,

    This cannot die, Hamilton needs LRT. Start thinking about the future of this great city.

  • Valerie Louter says,

    Let's keep moving forward with LRT planning. Fewer cars on the road and great public transit mean a healthier, happier city!

  • David Thompson says,

    I believe Hamilton has the potential to be one of the great cities of North America. An investment in light rail is something we are in desperate need of. As someone who uses the bus regularly, they are overcrowded and stretched to their capacity. Hamilton is in a unique situation where most of the public transit traffic runs in just a few main corridors; the busiest being east/west along main and king. Regular, reliable LRT would not only help people travel without the use of a car, but also spur investment along the route.

  • Fort Roberto says,

    LRT is the public transit of the future for Hamilton. It will create jobs,improve the environment and ease gridlock. In reality we here in Hamilton are decades behind other modern cities. Mayor Bratina's quest for all day Go will not create one new job here in Hamilton. I have NO INTEREST in going to Toronto by GO! Our Mayor should bush for LRT or SHUT his mouth!!!

  • tor lukasik-foss says,

    light rail is the future, it helps de-stigmatize public transit, the downtown.

  • Chris Kirkwood says,

    I agree with the building of this LTR line.It can only help to improve the commerce of our great city.

    yours truly,
    Chris Kirkwood

  • Barbara Dawson says,

    This makes sense in terms of increasing job opportunities, attracting new business to the area, and decreasing carbon emissions. There are many advantages and I am not sure I see any disadvantages at this point. Get off the pot. Say what you mean, and mean what you say-- Parenting 101!!!!!

  • Hubert Shen says,

    Hamilton has many potential with all the forward development that is going on, improve, attracting new people, professional coming into the city. LRT is a very important part of it. With new investment, development coming into the city. The transportation should also upgrade to meet those future demand. LRT is a very important development to move the city forward, that benefit everybody in Hamilton, and business.

  • Rebecca Vanderlinden says,

    It is time that our City council get the people of Hamilton's priorities on the table. And work with other levels of government to fix what needs to be fixed, and leave what is not broken alone.

  • Hans Vermaat says,

    We have travelled in Europe
    at various times. The light rail system in almost all places is
    an absolute pleasure to use. In
    Holland you can set your watch to the train schedules. The trains are
    sleek,clean and affordable to ride.
    In my mind it is a no brainer.

  • Matthew Bowman says,

    Please make Light Rail Transit in Hamilton a priority - the type of society I want to leave my children involves effective publicly funded transit systems.

  • Courtney Matic says,

    This is such an opportunity for Hamilton to help the environment, alleviate porverty- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not squander it!

  • Patrick Rogers says,

    As a downtown resident who takes the HSR everyday, the need for an upgrade to LRT is obvious. Not only is an improved transit system necessary (especially one that may lure more people out of their cars), but LRT would also be a boost for a downtown which is slowly picking itself back up.

    A good transit link with Toronto is clearly important for Hamilton, but this mostly already exists. There are already rush-hour trains to downtown for commuters (my fiancee among them), and at most other times the QEW bus is much faster anyways.

    An investment in LRT would clearly have a much larger impact on the city. Hamilton has a lot of potential, and LRT is the best way to invest in Hamilton as an important city in itself, and not just as another suburb of Toronto.

  • Van Hoang says,

    Oh My God: Why are we hesitating to embrace LRT for the people of our city?
    I saw the same LRT in Los Angeles, CA when i was travelling there few years ago and i was so impressed with it because it was so convenience for daily commuters within the city and i was just dreaming about Hamilton having the same one day.

    I strongly support for LRT for our city.


  • Lee Raback says,

    As a home owner and long time resident of Downtown Hamilton, I am presently watching in dismay as the Light Rail Transit project seems to be coming off the tracks.

    LRT is a top priority for Hamilton, and the Hamiltonians that have elected you. It is now time for you to follow through on the agreed upon plan. We have spent a great deal of time and, I'm to understand, a small fortune proving that this project is vital to the city's redevelopment efforts. I call on all levels of government to follow through on their election promises..

    We cannot wait for Vrancor to become involved in the Light Rail industry. Stick to the plan. Do the right thing. Do what you were elected to do.

    Lee Raback

  • Andrew McPhail says,

    We need LRT!

  • Gregory. J. Galante says,

    It is no longer the 1950s Mr. Mayor and City Council. This is not Mississauga Mr. City Manager Chris Murray. Hamilton has an intensely urban core. With the exception of Toronto, probably the most urban on the province . It is in this core that our future lies. It is through innovation, diversification, and intensification of our core that this city will prosper. Not the clinging to old concepts from bygone eras.
    LRT through that core and intensification along that corridor is an anchor to that prosperity. Not building stadiums in the wrong place for money losing football teams. (by the way I am a die hard TiCat fan).
    Attracting young professionals to our community who are both entrepreneurs and want to live downtown is what will be a catalyst to our city's growth. BUILD IT !

  • Daniel Fitzgerald says,

    Hamilton needs this!!

  • Desiree Kelleher says,

    Hamilton is a growing city, growing and changing. Make this a better city for the people who live in it. Get us out of our cars and out into the living parts of Hamilton. Out into the shops, on our feet, walking and spending our money.
    When Hamilton is alive, its economy is healthy. It's residents are healthy.
    We're not just a park and ride for Toronto. Help make us something to our own credit.
    We want Light Rail Transit!

  • Jason Nason says,

    I have been excited for the prospect of light rail transit for the '10 B-Line' HSR route since the first announcement of Move Ontario 2020 several years ago. Since then I have been following the progress with much interest and have been to several planning meetings. I also applied to be among the citizen team for the project.

    I am disappointed that that the entire project is seemingly in jeopardy and hope that the project goes ahead. To quote a phrase I have heard many times, from many people, "Let's Keep Hamilton Light Rail Transit on track."

  • Karl Andrus says,

    I was a child when the HSR removed trolly service, then later the electric lines for e-buses (bet you regreat that mistake HSR). Moving forward into the 21st cent, hamilton needs a world class transit service.

  • Jeffrey Wynands says,

    This will literally change the City forever. Why wouldn't any one, especially City Council - those elected to represent the good people of this city - be doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in their power to make this happen.