The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Randell Neudorf says,

    Ever since I first heard about LRT at a meeting hosted by Mr. Bratina when he was a Ward 2 councillor I was very excited about the idea.

    I feel that LRT would really mover our city forward and show that we are committed to investing in the lower city.

    The East/West line is especially important to bring focused development into these under resourced neighbourhoods as well as promoting a funnel to bring the children in the lower city to higher education at McMaster.

    Light Rail is one of the key elements to begin to unite our community.

  • Roland Dube says,

    There are many arguments made against LRT. Mainly the capital cost and the lack of population density to support LRT. That said it seems to be a very short sighted and a selfish position. At some point in the future, population will grow to a density level that will satisfy those opposing LRT today. By that time the capital cost will be even more unattainable placing the burden on our children and grand children.

    To be completely cynical, government at all levels waste 100's of millions and billions of tax dollars on a regular basis with little accountability and nothing tangible to show for the waste. I would prefer government waste our tax dollars on tangible assets like infrastructure and LRT so at least we can see our tax dollars carrying tax payers down the road.

    Basically government screws up all the time but to the benefit of a very elite few. I am perfectly ok with government screwing up in favour of the everyday citizen. Besides the elite will get there money from building and consulting so everyone will win with this LRT screw up!

    It would be nice to be able to point at something and say "Hey there goes my taxes"

  • Nathan Savelli says,

    Do the right thing, invest our money wisely into LRT!

  • Mardi Schwenger says,

    Light rail is cleaner, quieter and better suited to service our downtown and outer laying areas.

  • James Fyshe says,

    I commuted to Toronto from Hamilton for many years. I eventually moved my business here because it offered a better opportunity. Local transit options are limited in Hamilton and I know from my experience living in Toronto that expanding effective public transit will greatly encourage local business and community activities.

    Expanded Go service to Toronto is only going to increase the focus on that city and impede the efforts to make Hamilton a full community, not just a bedroom community.

    The City of Hamilton needs to demonstrate some vision. This opportunity for light rail will not come around again.

  • Wendy Johncox says,

    As a City Planner I believe that local transit improvements are imperative to promote city growth and sustainability. Get on track!!!!

  • Susan Swayze says,

    Hi everyone;
    I love this city and will show support however I can. But now with this debate...I cannot believe it is even an issue. What happened to election PROMISES. Right, anything to get the votes I guess. It is so frustrating when casting your vote, because you want to believe the PROMISES. Lets get back on track and bring life back to the city, not continue to kill it off slowly.

  • Hans Vermaat says,

    We have travelled in Europe over the last couple of years and the use of their transit system was absolutely first class. In Holland you could set your watch to their schedules. The trains were modern, clean and fast. The frequency they travel makes it convenient from early in the day to late at night. It seems like a no brainer to me.


  • Jordan Kipp says,

    Ive been excited for and behind this project since its announcement. This city has to take a look around the continent at the many other LRT success stories of both larger AND smaller cities. Or just look towards Waterloo.

    Council has to wake up and realize that one day, the province and the FEDs are going to stop handing out giant wads of cash for our capital projects...

  • Peter Gnish says,

    The future of our city depends on getting cars off our streets, helping people get across town easily and quickly and providing new businesses with the opportunity to open along the LRT route.

  • james Barbu says,

    This has dragged on long enough, the city council needs to do something.

  • Andrea Hill says,

    I support LRT in Hamilton. It's time that Hamilton lived up to its slogan: The Ambitious City!

  • maureen ona corcoran says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT !!!

  • Michael Hain says,

    Hamilton can be so much more than a bedroom community for Toronto. The city should invest in itself to rebuild a vital downtown. All day GO train service is not a substitute for an LRT.

  • Frances Neufeld says,

    As part of greater Hamilton I believe that excellent Light Rail Transit will improve our City in many ways:
    it will invite closer connection s between City Centre and surrounding hubs, like Ancaster and Dundas;
    it will relieve parking in the City core with more people taking the line;
    it can be seen as a part of other lines such as connecting to GO;
    it puts Hamilton in the 21st Century and shows us as a City that embraces its past as well as moving with the future;
    it adds to the greening of our City's environment;
    it will encourage businesses along the route, and challenges as citizens to see more of our City easily. As a person who has commuted to TO from Hamilton to work, because I wanted to live here, I would have loved to have been able to just grab a train from my end of the City!
    Let's be a Canadian City that sets examples of urban living.

  • Kim Schellingerhoudt says,

    Come on, Hamilton! Let's get this done!

  • Claude Rocheleau says,

    LRT is important to the city of Hamilton, look around at the US cities that have them, they are moving in the right direction.

    Please do not butcher this like the Pan Am stadium. Bob Young said Ivor Wynne would never work as a Tiger Cat Stadium. He told us it was in the wrong location.
    Then city council pick that spot!!!

    I wish we could have leadership and some vision at City Hall, not just a bunch of followers.

    Just my opinion.


  • Jenny Cho says,

    Hoping for the LRT to get the go ahead-to the people of Hamilton, it is much more important than you think, it's necessary!
    The LRT has the potential to not only provide efficient transport services to existing public transport users, especially to the lower income bracket (for which Hamilton is home to many) who do not have cars, but also to get non-pb transport users on board. In the long run, it makes sense in a variety of ways!

  • Stanley Cicci says,

    Hamilton in the past has blown so many opportunities like if you look at B.C. the monorail we turned that down and it free not us Hello. Also like turning down putting a Casino downtown they said there would be more crime look what we have now more crooks and panhandlers. Detroit puts a casino downtown and they are able to hire more police so everything is booming in there downtown Hello the bell is ringing again wake up. Mr. C.

  • Leah Serafini says,

    Let's move forward and embrace sustainability, progress, and innovation as a city. Hamilton has so much potential and our politicians need to act now in order to facilitate sustainable growth for our city.

  • Jeff Strong says,

    I support the LRT for the future of Hamilton and the revitalization of the downtown core. The LRT initiative should be given top priority for politicians, city planners, and government officials who are interested in propelling Hamilton and her interests forward for generations to come!

  • Chris Sanislo says,

    To continue the rebound of downtown Hamilton, I feel investment in LRT is an important part of making the city more liveable. It will help retain those who study here, help achieve in-fill objectives and mitigate the urban sprawl that's becoming an increasing burden on our tax base and environment.

  • Nancie Mleczko says,

    LRT was strongly supported by the residents of Hamilton during the 2010 election campaign, and is an absolute must to the future successes of businesses and neighbourhoods. The Province is talking now, because of the upcoming election, but we can't let this opportunity fall between the crack--literally!!!

  • Adam Luker says,

    As a Hamiltonian voter, there is nothing that is more important to me, or my interests, than Hamilton getting a Light Rail Transit system. This is an unbelievably important issue for this city.

  • William G. Vance says,

    As empty-nesters we're down to one car and bicycles. From a risk maagement point of view biking to downtown from Dundas is simply too risky. In comparison with an HSR bus, LRT would be a no-brainer to downtown destinations.

  • Christine de Takacsy says,

    Once again, Hamilton has the opportunity to be forward thinking. Once again the Mayor

  • Bonnie Patterson says,

    The time is way past due for Hamilton to have an LRT system. Hamilton is my hometown and I remember when they talked about it back in the 1970's. As a user of the Skytrain and Canada Line in Vancouver, I can say that it's the quickest way to get around. For Hamiltonians to get up the mountain, out to Stoney Creek or into Burlington would save people so much travelling time and out of their vehicles. It would be amazing!
    Don't give up on insisting that the provincial government keep their promise.

  • Jeff Taylor says,

    Lets Really Try (LRT) and get this thing off the ground, it's so badly needed to get people moving around the city quickly, heck I'd even park my car & use it rather than drive.

    Jeff Taylor


    I am appalled at the undemocratic way that LRT planning has been de-prioritized by our mayor and city manager. I call upon council to stand up for themselves and their constituents by reaffirming their support for the LRT initiative.

    This is the best thing that could happen to our city. It will revitalize the downtown core and bring businesses back to life.

    I can't believe, we will be having another circus, like the stadium, with poor decisions being made.... and total loss
    of a vision that would have benefited Hamilton.

  • Bill Kemp says,

    Although I don't live in Hamilton I am very often in Hamilton.
    In my opinion I have for several years felt the more roads and/or highways were not the answer. It is a never ending expansion of roads/highways taking up more valuable land and creating a very undesirable atmosphere.
    Lets take a look at Europe for example and I do realize that this LRT is different than high speed trains, however in Europe they move people with both LRT and High Speed trains much quicker and with less road congestion not to mention less effect on the environment.
    I also believe that if cities like Hamilton do not modernize their transit system with LRT and "now not later" they are going to miss out on industrial and commercial expansion, as companies tend to go to cities that are willing to go forward with modernization.
    If this does not happen Hamilton will slowly but surely fade away as far as keeping up with the rest of the larger cities.
    The Vancouver system from Vancouver International Airport and the City of Richmond are a good example of this.
    Hamilton must go ahead with LRT or you will slip away from prosperity.